Ok, usually I put these kind of posts in a private folder, but I felt like sharing a little bit of what a life with ADHD might entail.

See, I’ll soon be starting a class in business school, and I need to be prepared beforehand. Like, with how I schedule my day and my week so that I can get my homework done, my lunch prepared and not overlook or skip my training. So these days I’m training to find the best system for me. I need to figure out one that isn’t too demanding or stressful, one that feels like I’d do it that way anyway, but still gets results.

In my previous school days I failed because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Not the smartest thing to be when you’re diagnosed with ADHD, I know, but still… I’d feel like I needed to complete the full assignment and when that didn’t happen I felt it necessary to pile whatever I didn’t do on top of the homework for the next day. You can see how that soon became a problem. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I soon quit because of it.

So this time I need to try to limit my tasks to the actual minimum. What is most important that I get done? Since I haven’t started yet I don’t know if it’ll work, but I’ll update you.

Now, the training is something relatively new in my life. Getting out and running is something most people have a problem getting done, and so do I, but it’s more than that. Getting out and walking in the morning also ensures that I bathe every day. That I eat better and at regular intervals and basically that I get a structure that’s very good for a person like me. Losing my morning walks would not be good.

So how do I solve the problem of needing a walk in the morning, shower, breakfast and the preparing of lunch and STILL show up at school at 8.30 AM? Well, right now I’m trying out a system that has me going to bed at 10PM and getting up at 5AM. I know it sounds nuts, getting up that early, but these last few days it has actually worked. And it’s kinda nice. Seeing the day at its earliest 🙂

So this is the plan so far:
9PM: Prepare for bed (dishwashing, tidying, brushing teeth, etc.)
10PM: Go to bed.

5AM: Wake up. Make my bed. Have breakfast.
5.30AM: Go out walking
6AM: Walk back (alarm)
6.30AM: Take quick bath. Eat quick snack. Drink water
7AM: Prepare lunch. Pack bag. Get dressed.
7.30AM: Go to school
8.30AM: Class
10AM: Break. Eat healthy snack.
10.20AM: Class
11.50AM: Break. Eat lunch

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten for now. Not that I actually think anyone is reading this, but I’ll keep updating this (for me at least) when I figure out more…